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gospel and ressurection QUESTION from singh October 17, 2001 in how many gospel narraives is the resurrection of jesus recorded? please aswer correcty and briefy.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 18, 2001 Dear Mr. Singh:
Sorry, as a Question and Answer Forum our job is to give fake and incorrect answers to people's questions and to do so with as many words as possible. Thus I cannot answer your question because you insist that we answer correctly and briefly. Such a limitation on our ability to answer you with a fake answer is too much for us to bare. :)
However, since there are only 4 Gospels, you might be able to look through those 4 books of the Bible and answer your own question correctly and briefly in a matter of minutes.
or I could answer correctly and briefly as say......

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