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liturgy QUESTION from Rev. Deacon Gerald Foley August 18, 2001
Thank you for your wonderful and helpful site; it is much needed today. Questions still abound about postures and correct stances and responses for Catholics during Mass. Here is one I was asked about recently: What is the correct procedure to take with regard to the Doxology-the prayer of praise at the end of the Canon of the Mass just before the Our Father; there are so many different responses: Is it correct that the Celebrant and Con-Celebrants alone say or sing these words of praise-or is permissible and correct for the entire Assembly to also join in! Thank you very much.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 22, 2001
Dear Rev. Mr. Foley,
In concelebrated Masses, there are two permissable methods for praying the doxology. The celebrant may recite it alone, or he may recite it with the concelebrants. If it is recited with the concelebrants, the celebrants voice must stand out clearly so that the congregation may hear the text.
It is NOT permissible for the assembly to recite the doxology with the priests. It is not called for neither in the GIRM nor the rubrics.
The people give their assent to the doxology and the Eucharistic prayer by their Amen.
Mr. Slavek
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