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Becoming active Catholics QUESTION from Marian G.M. Van den Meydenberg September 4, 2001 Dear Friends,
Until 3 years ago I was a fallen-away Catholic, and as a result my daughters were baptized but never received any Catholic upbringing. They did not have their First Communion, neither were they confirmed. I much regret this, needless to say. Now that I have returned to the church I go to Mass often and at times my daughter(s) join me. My question is what do my children have to do to become active members of the Catholic church. They are 18 and 20. My younger daughter is starting RCIA classes on Thursday but I still would like to know what their 'training' will be like.
Thank you so very much, Marian
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 10, 2001 Dear Mrs. Van den Meydenberg:
Since your children were never confirmed, they will need to be confirmed in the Church. The Pastor will probably have them attend RCIA as you have indicated.
I would suggest that you attend the RCIA classes too since you have been away.
RCIA is suppose to teach people the fundamental beliefs, doctrines, and practices of the Catholic faith. Sometimes the RCIA classes are not to good if the teachers are liberal. But the purpose of RCIA is to teach the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith.
Welcome back to the Church. God Bless.
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