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Faith Healing QUESTION from James August 29, 2001 In reading about the recent story of Archbishop Milingo's return to the Church, I noticed that the article stated that, prior to this incident, Milingo had been in trouble with the Vatican for conducting Faith Healing.
What exactly is the Church's position on Faith Healing?
Thanks, James
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 29, 2001 Dear Mr. James:
The public spectacle of a Benny Hinn or what Bishop Mingo use to do are prohibited because of the lack of dignity that is due to persons involved and to potential of public scandal.
Specifically, in a document promulgated by the Holy See last fall, the Church affirmed that...
Art. 9–Those who direct healing services, whether liturgical or non-liturgical, are to strive to maintain a climate of peaceful devotion in the assembly and to exercise the necessary prudence if healings should take place among those present; when the celebration is over, any testimony can be collected with honesty and accuracy, and submitted to the proper ecclesiastical authority. You can read the entire document on healing prayers at:
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