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Anger QUESTION from Anonymous April 20, 2001 First things first, I am not a Catholic.
Now, onto my problem. I have a problem with anger. I go to a private baptist university, with a conservative christian atmosphere. I am quite liberal in my thinking, and am quickly getting very tired of this conservative place. I love my univeristy, but hate the atmosphere. I grew up in a baptist church with some very hypocritical baptist peers, so I am very suspcious of baptists now.
There are many hypocrites in this university, from the top trustee to the lowliest freshman I see hypocrisy everywhere I turn. I know a prominant Baptist man that I have a personality conflict with. Even though at times I do enjoy being around him, at other times his lack of manners make me very upset. (I feel that he ignores me at times, and that he doesn't understand me.) When I get angry with him (or any other peson) I wish that they would die and burn in hell (if there is one)!
This happens with just about everyone I am angry with, and I've noticed that I can love a person one day, and absolutely hate them the next. I was told that I put the responsiblity of making myself happy and validating myself, etc, onto other people, but I am not sure that I do that.
I have no remorse for my feelings, and don't know if I even believe in christianity anymore. The only thing that keeps me kind of in christianity is my fear of hell. I don't know if my fear is from god or not. And yes, I am going to therapy.
thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2001 Dear Miss Anonymous:
I think it is important for you to continue to go to therapy. Your anger is obviously dysfunctional and it sounds like perhaps out of control somewhat. From a psychological point-of-view as well as from a spiritual point-of-view this anger is unhealthy and can even kill you (due to side-effects of the anger such as cancer and other illnesses).
You also need to pray. I know you don't feel like it and may not be sure there is anyone to pray to. Do it anyway.
Ask: God if you are there, help me. I am tired of being angry. Help me!
Pray that several times a day, EVERY day, and dont stop.
I don't think, I KNOW, it will make a difference.
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