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Adoration QUESTION from Shirley O'Connor October 22, 2000 Several weeks ago we had Adoration in our church. Our Priest could not be in attendance and had asked one of the lay people to place Our Lord in the Monstrance.
He had never done this before and had great difficulty. In fact, a good friend of mine felt so sorry for him! I'm sure that he felt terrible also. I know this man and he is a wonderful Catholic - totally devoted to God and the Holy Father but also to obedience of his Priest.
I am a convert to the Faith and do not know much about such things however I thought that only the Priest was to do this?
I was going to suggest that perhaps, if this situation were ever to recur, a lay person could open the Tabernacle door and we could Adore Jesus that way. Then, when Adoration is over, the Tabernacle door could be closed and locked and the key returned to the Sacristy.
I know that we do not need to have the Tabernacle door opened to know the Jesus is truly present. It just allows us to be a little closer to Him whom we love.
What do you think?
God bless you!
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on October 25, 2000 Dear Shirley,
There is no problem having a layman putting the Sacrament in the monstrance in the absence of a priest of deacon. Hopefully he'll be more familiar with it the next time.
In Him,
John Miskell
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