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Annulment & the Catholic Church QUESTION from Heather Scott April 15, 2001 I have a question on annulment. I recently had my marriage annulled by the state. The marriage was done in a civil ceremony. My former husband was catholic. Myself, I am baptized lutheran. My question is; since the marriage was not sanctioned by the catholic church, does the church recognize it or will the church consider it annulled, as it is by the state?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2001 Dear Miss Scott:
The civil laws have no direct effect upon marriage in the eyes of God and the Church. The question is whether your marriage was a Scaramental Marriage. The State laws and procedures are civil matters. The question remains, was your marriage Sacramental.
Now with that said, one of the normal conditions of a Sacramental marriage is that is ALSO be a civilly legal marriage. Thus if the state has ruled that you never had a civil marriage (vis-s-vis, a civil annulment), then perhaps, (I don't know for sure), that the marriage will be invalid in the eyes of the Church as well.
I would double-check by contacting the Marriage Tribunal at the Diocese Offices. They can give you a definitive answer.
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