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Exorsism QUESTION from Danielle March 27, 2001 I watched half the exorsist tonight and was to frightened to watch the rest. But, Can you give me some information behind hte hole devil thing. Like does he really exsist?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on June 4, 2001 Dear Miss Danielle:
Yes the devil does exist and yes people can be possessed or can have a less intense infestation.
What you need to know is that Satan is a sneaky dude. Thus stay close to the Church, obey the Church teachings, stay away from the near ocassion of sin, keep what you read, see, and hear pure and upright, when you sin, go to confession, go to confession regularly at least once per month, don't miss Sunday Mass and try to get to a few daily Masses, spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament, pray, pray the rosary, develop devotions to favorite saints, lead a good wholesome life, do good to others, help others, praise God, make your life a prayer.
If the devil bothers you because you are doing these things, do them harder. Stay close to the Church at all times.
If you do these things you will do just fine.
P.S. and DON'T watch movies like the Exorcist (which is NOT realistic, by the way).
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