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Faith/Spirituality Forum: (Anti) Pope Pius XIII

by Catherine Frakas 04 Aug 2001

(Anti) Pope Pius XIII QUESTION from Mauro Wunderlich February 8, 2001 Dear Brother :
( I hope I'm in right forum )
First I wan't to sorry my English. It's terrible.
Second I wan't to say that I'm not catholic, but I'm a faithfull christian. If you don't want answer my question I'll understand.
I'm a brasilian writer and teacher.
I want to ask you about Mr. ( Fr. ) Lucien Pulvermacher, borned Earl Pulvermacher, who intitules himself as Pope ( or antipope ? ) Pius XIII.
He has a site at
Who are these people ?
Can we consider him an antipope ?
If answer is yes, is he GLORIA OLIVAE from St. Malachias prophecy ? ( Other antipopes are in the list ).
I'm thinking write something about this.
With all respect to you and your church...
Your brother in Christ Mauro Wunderlich
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 26, 2001 Dear Mr. Wunderlich:
These people (at are schismatics and by that fact, automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church. In my personal opinion, these people, who are also sedevacantist (which means the chair is vacant), are certifiably insane. They actually believe that the Chair of Peter has been empty since 1958.
For them, Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II are all heretics and anti-popes. This insanity, as I characterize it, is like saying, I haven't liked any President since Kennedy and thus all Presidents after him are fake Presidents. What stupidity and insanity! If the elections were valid, and the candidates qualified, then the person election is valid.
The fact is that all the popes since 1958 were so qualified and were legally elected, therefore, they were the true popes. Period.
But then they will say that even if legally elected they were heretics and thus lost their position. Heretics according to who? The Church? Them? Only the CHURCH has the authority to declare a heretic. But these bozos think they know more than the church and if any pope does do what THEY like, they declare him a heretic. They take it upon themselves to interpret Church documents and thus decide upon themselves that these popes were heretics. Again, only the CHURCH has the authority to interpret its own documents. But we have these nimrods (sedevacantist, ultra-traditionalists, and liberals) who think they can interpret documents any way they please.
These nimrods will quote a Cardinal's opinion that a pope who becomes a heretic losing his office. But this is merely an opinion of one Cardinal. His opinion was not confirmed by the Church and thus is not binding or legislated. It is MERELY an opinion. Yet, the sedevacantist quote him as if he were a Pope making an ex cathedra proclamation. This is a typical tactic among Sedevacantists and Ultra-Traditionalists -- to basically act like Protestants and pick and choose those things they like and discard the rest.
This is seen easily is one looks closely at what these people claim constitutes heresy. One of these people actually informed me that Pope Paul VI was a heretic because in the Roman Missal of 1970 during the Eucharistic Prayer the word cup is used instead of chalice. What nonsense. First of all, these nuts confuse form or substance and raise form to a level of dogma in their eyes. Secondly, whether the word cup or chalice is used is NOT an issue subject to a charge of heresy. Heresy involves denial of defined dogma, not how a prayer is translated.
Like most insane people they have no ability to reason and operate in the Twilight Zone without rational connection to the real world.
We must pray for these people. Their rebellion, arrogance, and pride places them on hell's road except perhaps for God's mercy in mitigating grave sin due to mental instability and the like.
I don't think we can really say these popes are anti-popes since they don't even have a pretend claim on the Chair of Peter but are merely an outgrowth of mental instability. If we were to record such people as anti-popes, there would be thousands of them found in mental hospitals around the world who are in psychotic delusions, and hundreds more who are self-proclaimed and who boggle the mind as to why they aren't in a mental institution -- like the people of truecatholic which should be changed, in my view, to
As for St. Malachias prophecy, that prophecy is considered spurious and should not be relied upon.
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