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Scapular pouch? QUESTION from Duane Howey August 20, 2000 Greeting Bro. J.P. Your opinon please, can several scapulars and medals be worn in a larger pouch? (Because of tangling of the cords). It seems to simplify the bulk problem but I'm concerned about drifting away from the basics for wearing sacramentals, [quantity vs. quality]. And would a homemade brown felt pouch serve as the brown scapular? (4 x 4, one front and one back of course).
Thanks for your time and good works...may we unite our prayers with others, for strength in your ailments.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on November 19, 2000 Dear Mr. Duane:
Thanks for your kond words of support.
I think that it is more important for one to choose a single scapular devotion and stay with that. There are so many great devotions in the Church, but we can't do them all. We need to choose one or two and specialize on those. We will be more effective in our devotions that way.
As for taking the Brown Ceremonial Scapular and altering it to include a pouch where one can stuff a bunch of scapulars, I personally would find that contrary to the purpose and spirituality of the scapular. As to whether it is technically wrong to create a pouched brown scapular you will have to contact the Carmelite Order. They are the ones who official legislate Brown Scapular regulations.
But would suggest focusing your devotion on one or two scapular devotions and wear the one or two scapulars.
The Church is a wonderful place in that it has so many wonderful devotions. But we can't do them all. We have to choose a few.
We came up against this dilemma ourselves when we organization the Legion of St. Michael. In the end we took the best of five major charisms in the Church -- Carmel, Benedict, Ignatius Loyola, Francis of Assisi, and Louis de Montfort. We combined these into a unique and new charism we call the St. Michael Charism. But it was hard to decide on only five.
The scapular we wear was designed just for us. It is called the Silver Scapular of St. Michael. On one end is a silver cloth with an image of St. Michael. One the other end is a brown cloth with an image of our Lady of Mt Carmel.
On my full length scapular worn on my habit, the outside (the part you see) is a silver grey, the inside (next to my body) is brown.
I know it can be hard to settle on just a few of these devotions, but it s better to do ONE or two devotions well, than many not so well.
I would encourage you to choose the one or two devotions that MOST appeal to you.
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