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asmodeus QUESTION from Peter O'Shaughnessy August 3, 2000 Dear John-Paul, I have a friend who is interested in spiritual warfare and she is keen to find out all about asmodeus the deamon destroyer found in Tobit 3-8.Could you please help?
Thank You, Peter O'S.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on October 17, 2000 Dear Mr. O'Shaughnessy:
This question really belongs in the Spiritual Warfare Forum, but I will go ahead and answer it here.
I would caution your friend about becoming too interested in Spiritual Warfare beyond what is needed for the protection of oneself and family and friends. We need a general knowledge of the schemes of Satan and we need some specific First Aid knowledge in case it is needed, but the average person does not need to know the advance knowledge (for lack of a better phrase) concerning the workings and nature of Spiritual Warfare.
It is especially not necessary to be curious about specific demons. There is no point is such curiosity, nor should be seek information about the specifics of particular demons (and the Church prohibits confronting demons for such information).
In terms of the Bible reference to Asmodeus, I am not sure what there is to say. Asmodeus means in Hebrew: the fire of Media. He was the king of the devils of that country, exciting people to lust.
Demons, like angels, have a hierarchal structure. Just as there are guardian angels for person, town, nation, there are also guardian demons who are in charge of a territory like a town or a nation. Amodeus was apparently a Principality of some sort in charge of territory.
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