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Occultism in England (re Demon Internet) QUESTION from Helen Gilmour July 6, 2000 Dear Br John-Paul
I was surprised to read your comment that England is over-run with occultists. Why do you say so? The vast majority of English claim to believe in 'something', but are out-and-out materialists. I doubt that the proportion of occultists reaches 2%, including the Spiritists.
With best wishes
Helen Gilmour
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on September 7, 2000 Dear Miss Gilmour:
England as long been a rather spiritually stale society. I could speculate as to why, but that is not important.
Occultism as a LONG tradition in England and a stronghold. Many of the older satanic cults have their origins in England.
The prevalence of occultism in England is well-known and furthermore is reported by British occult watchers.
As far as 2% being occultist, I suspect that the figure is far more. There is not a developed country in the world that I am aware of where the percentage of occultist, spiritualist, etc are not more than 2%.
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