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Rapture QUESTION from Angela Amaya Neywick February 29, 2000 I'm sure you have addressed this issue, but incase you haven't could you please explain what all the Protestants are talking about and why they think they don't have to do anything but wait to be lifted up into the air? If you have addressed this issue, please tell me where it is on your web-site. I am a devout Catholic and it just bugs me when my Protestant brethren and even fallen away Catholics believe this nonsense. Please tell me the best way to help them understand their errors and to evangelize them on God's truth.
You are doing a great job! And St. Michael has been my patron saint for many years. Keep up the good work and continue your Holy Boldness of proclaiming God's thruths. Praise God in all things! Hallelujah!
God's peace be with you.
Mrs. Angela Amaya Neywick Dallas, Texas
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 5, 2000 Dear Mrs. Neywick:
I am not sure what issue you are talking about. You need to be specific.
There are no Protestants that I am aware of that believe one needs to do nothing but await the Rapture. All Protestant faiths teach that people need to live the Christ-life.
If there is a particular issue you are thinking of, please define that specifically and I will try to answer.
Holy Boldness :-), I like that. Hopefully my boldness is holy and not just holy bull feathers :-)
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