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The Eight Beatitudes QUESTION from Geary May 16, 1999 Please a site that has a discussion on and of the Beatitudes, if one exists. Thank-you Geary
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on May 19, 1999 Dear Geary:
There are a number of sources you might look at.
I did a quick search on the Internet by putting the keyword Beatitudes in a search engine. You can do this with any search engine you like to use.
I got some 6000 possibilities. I made a quick scan of the first 25 or so listings and did not immediately recognize any Catholic sources, but there were two Orthodox sources.
The Orthodox will have a view similar to Catholics. The two references I saw was from a Romanian Priest and from the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Washington DC
The URLS are:
Romanian Priest:
Russian Orthodox Cathedral:
There might be some reference among those 6000 that are Catholic, but time limits how much I can search through them.
You can also go to EWTN Library and do a search on the keyword, Beatitudes. I think there are nine references listed.
The URL for the EWTN Library Search page is:
Also the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches about the Beatitudes. You can go to an online version. The URL below is the search engine for the Online Catechism. Just enter the keyword Beatitudes and it will take you to the locations in the Catechism where the Beatitudes are discussed.
Another excellent source, but not online, is the Navarre Bible Commentaries. This commentary is argubly the best Catholic Commentary available. It is currently only in the New Testament. It is about 12 volumes that can be purchased separately one at a time for about $14.00 per volume. The Beatitudes will be in the volume for Matthew of course.
This volume can be purchased through our Online bookstore. The direct link to order the book is: Order here
God Bless
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