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Renew 2000/CTA QUESTION from Jane Gahlon April 5, 1999 As I browsed the Renew International website, I was amazed to see the names of well known Call to Action memebers writing books that will be used in the Renew 2000 experience offered in our parish. Some of those names were Monika Hellwig, John O'Brien, and Margo Lebert. How can this be? Is my parish again, so far off base?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on April 9, 1999 Hi:
I have not personally review the materials for Renew 2000, but from what I understand there are many contaminates in the materials. These contaminates appear to come from influence with heretical or heterdox groups.
Peters Net has published several articles that review these materials. You should get the information you need there.
Go to:
Type in Renew 2000 in the keyword Description field and press the Search button.
This will give you an index of articles that review the Renew 2000 material.
From what I have heard, I would be VERY careful in partcipating in this program.
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