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The Mass and Priests QUESTION from Mark Bleasdale on August 31, 2002 Dear Mr Slavek,
When must a priest celebrate the Mass?
I know that we are obliged to assist at the Mass on holydays of obligation (Sundays and Solemnities of precept). I also know that parish pastors must apply Mass pro populo on holydays of obligation.
I suspect that all priests are obliged to celebrate the Mass on these days. The Church invites priests to celebrate daily but does not oblige them to do so.
Are there any rules/norms which oblige priests to celebrate on certain days?
Kind regards,
Mark Bleasdale.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on September 5, 2002 Dear Mr. Bleasdale,
Canon 276 lists duties of priests. Here you will find the obligation to carry out the Liturgy of the Hours. However, it does not require priests to offer Mass. Rather, paragraph two states that they are earnestly invited to offer the eucharistic sacrifice daily.
There are no rules that priests are absolutely obligated to celebrate Mass of specific days.
Mr. Slavek
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