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Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) Questions Index Page

by Catherine Frakas 15 Jan 2001

Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) (Index Page)

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Traditional Office
April 7, 2003

Office of Readings
Ken Savio
February 21, 2003

Was Your Question Not Answered?
Bro. John-Paul Ignatius
April 8, 2003

Spanish 1-volume Liturgia de las Horas
Frank Kulash
February 13, 2003

LOTH Supplement
Tom Woodruff
February 1, 2003

Using AM and PM prayer in the Magnificat Mag.
Deacon Tony
January 30, 2003

Supplement to the LOH (fifth volume)
M Smith
January 29, 2003

Antiphons, Lectionary, Supplement
M Smith
January 25, 2003

A Mighty Fortress
Gerard Paul
January 23, 2003

Supplement to the LOH
M Smith
January 23, 2003

Shorter Christian Prayer Translation into Spanish
Ariel Alvarez
January 23, 2003

Responsories of Office of Readings in public recitation
M Smith
January 15, 2003

Laity and Gospel at Vigils
Paul R.
January 11, 2003

Hymnal for the Hours -GIA
Gerard Paul
January 9, 2003

Gerard Paul
January 8, 2003

Printed/recorded music for the Hours
January 5, 2003

Divine Office Course is Underway
John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM
December 27, 2002

The Reading
December 24, 2002

Dec 12 for Our lady of Guadalupe
Mrs. Frank Lee
December 10, 2002

Office of Our Lady
December 5, 2002

divine office
December 2, 2002

Bryan Gomez
November 21, 2002

Use of Magnificat as a version
Jane A
November 19, 2002

Back from Sabbatical
Bro. John-Paul Ignatius
December 18, 2002

traditional Divine Office
Curtis Powell
November 13, 2002

St Martin of Tours
Dave R.
November 12, 2002

single antiphon
Gary Delahay
November 2, 2002

Excellent How To Website
Rick Rainer
November 1, 2002

Psalm-Prayers in Latin
Frank Kulash
October 31, 2002

Ken Savio
October 30, 2002

Matins (Office of Reading)
Father Taurasi
October 22, 2002

Re Anticipating
Fr. Smith
October 22, 2002

Gerard Paul
October 20, 2002

Ken Savio
October 20, 2002

Finding Time
October 18, 2002

Lauds for laity
Gerard Paul
October 17, 2002

The Little Hours
October 1, 2002

Making Time
Ken Dilks
September 28, 2002

September 7, 2002

Which book?
Michael Roesch
August 13, 2002

Tim Clark
August 13, 2002

August 5, 2002

What book(s) to purchase?
April 2, 2002

Responsories for Office of Readings
Jonathon Blackwin
March 30, 2002

valid orders
joesep sullivan
March 17, 2002

Divine office Changes
Martin Browne
January 22, 2002

Shorter Christian Prayer
John M. Bastin
November 12, 2001

A Helpful Site for Praying the Hours
Brian Amend
October 31, 2001

Divine Office Course
Michael Collis
October 10, 2001

Re Translation, O Gloriosa Domina
Kurt Barragan
October 1, 2001

Rosemarie Powell
September 22, 2001

Office for the Dead
John K.
September 12, 2001

Is there a book on how to pray the divine offices?
Daniel Sisk
September 9, 2001

Divine Office Course
Michael Collis
September 1, 2001

When to pray the Glory be to the Father.
Francis Vinklark
August 31, 2001

Repeating Antiphons
Michael Renner
August 28, 2001

different translations
August 23, 2001

Kissing the Breviary
Kurt Barragan
August 15, 2001

Book covers
August 11, 2001

Daytime Prayers Terce, Sext, None
T. MtJoy
August 8, 2001

Phillip Thomas
August 5, 2001

Precedense of feasts/solemnities proper to a particular religious order
Br. John Gabriel of St Teresa, OCDS
August 5, 2001

How to?
July 18, 2001

Singing the Office
Kurt Barragan
June 24, 2001

Latin version of the Liturgy of the Hours
Kurt Barragan
June 19, 2001

psalm 22
Lynn Innerst
June 15, 2001

examination of conscience in Night Prayer
Dave Conger
June 6, 2001

Your book(let)
Jane OPL
May 19, 2001

about the office of readings.
May 8, 2001

Dates for Psalter and Four-Week Text pamphlet
George Hoxie, Sr.
April 19, 2001

The Lord's Prayer
March 24, 2001

Psalms and Office of Readings
Jeffrey Allan
March 13, 2001

Office of the Dead
Sister Deborah Marie
March 13, 2001

Bro. Zechariah Hyacinth
March 2, 2001

Beginning prayer
January 14, 2001

Church Bells
Protodeacon David Kennedy
December 23, 2000

Richard P. Granson
December 11, 2000

Office of Readings Lectionary
Don Harris
November 8, 2000

Questions from a simple mind
Olga Trimboli
November 7, 2000

Roman Calendar
Harry A.Smith
October 10, 2000

Commons or Current Weekday
Jeanette Cottone
September 13, 2000

More psalms
P.J. Morgan
August 29, 2000

In General
Jeanette Cottone
August 29, 2000

where to find
George Massart
August 21, 2000

Don Claunch SFO
August 18, 2000

Calendar for the Liturgical Year
Miriam Dapra
July 20, 2000

Our Father
Johnny Cash
July 13, 2000

Good and Poor book versions?
Terry Boyle
June 5, 2000

getting started
John Culp
June 1, 2000

Use of psalm-prayers Before or After antiphon is repeated?
Tim Clark
May 20, 2000

Written instructions
Frances Swank
May 7, 2000

How to start?
May 2, 2000

Feasts & Memorials
Sharon Dever
April 25, 2000

Gospel Canticle Zachariah & the Magnificant
Frances Swank
March 13, 2000

The Divine Office
Father Taurasi
March 13, 2000

Final Prayer before Conclusion
Bob Hester
February 27, 2000

Bob Hester
February 27, 2000

The canonical obligation for priests to pray the Divine Office
Father Taurasi
February 7, 2000

The hour of Vespers
Father Taurasi
February 6, 2000

What do I do with the booklet and the psalms
Roy Reeder
February 4, 2000

Morning Prayer
Sister Marisol Garcia
February 2, 2000

Divine Office
David Reinschmidt
January 8, 2000
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