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deuterocanonical books QUESTION from Andy on 21 Jan 2002 Are there any references to the deuterocanonical books of the OT in the NT? I'm told there are over 300 such references.
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on January 31, 2002
the most undisputlabe reference to a deuterocanonical work in the New Testament is Hebrews 11:35 some were tortured, refusing to accept release which is an allusion to 2 Maccabees 7, verses 1, 5-9, 20-23 and 29.
I recommend the folllowing link to a file by Catholic Answers apologist James Akin Deuterocanonical References in the New Testament which discusses hundreds of possible references, though for many it is difficult to prove conclusively they are Deuterocanonical references.
One last point: the absences of actual quotation of the deuteros in the New Testament cannot, as many non-Catholics attempt, be uses as evidence against their inspiration. The books of Esther and Song of Songs, for example, are nowhere cited in the New Testament, yet these books are accepted by all Christians, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Also, Jesus Himself quoted the Septuagint version of the Old Testament, the version which included the Deuterocanonical books.
Thanks Andy.
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