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James The Brother of Our Lord QUESTION from Richard McLellan October 9, 2001 Please help my confusion. I converted to the Church Two years ago as a result of using history to try and disprove the Church's teachings and save my wife from the whore of Babylon. Well, history had some suprises for me. That started six years ago. I still read as much as I can to build my knowledge and faith in the Church.
I am currently reading Eusebius, The History Of The Church translated by G. A. Williamson. It's very interesting to read what was so important to the early Christians. My confusion is this. Eusebius constantly calls James the brother of Jesus. He quotes Josephus James, who was a brother of Jesus known as Christ. Eusebius says James, the brother of our Lord in the human respect.
The worst is on page 35-36 Then there was James, who was known as the brother of the Lord; for he, too, was called Joseph's son, and Joseph Christ's father, though in fact the Virgin was his betrothed..... Page 81 quoted from Hegesippus And there still survived of the Lord's family the I know Eusebius was no saint. Also he was in error and heretical at times. He was very informed and educated though and it seems that the early church held that Jesus had siblings. I know this is ridiculous but I need help to prove it.
Help. Please.
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on September 17, 2001 Dear Richard,
The worst Eusebius says is that James is Joseph's son, which even if it were true, would not say anything against Mary's perpetual virginity.
In fact Eusebius even refers to Mary as the Virgin in the sentence you quote.
The early Church did not believe that Our Lord had siblings. I refer you to the following for evidence of the faith of the early Church in Mary's Perpetual Virginity:
Catholic Answers: The Fathers on Mary’s Perpetual Virginity
All the information needed to deal with the subject of Mary's Perpetual Virginity are found at the following sites:
St. Jerome: Against Helvidius - written by the great St. Jerome as a refutation of the novel assertion that Mary had other children.
Catholic Answers: Brethren of the Lord _ a good summary of the Scriptural verses.
I hope this helps. If there is any other question please let me know.
Thanks Richard.
God bless,
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