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Pope's Cross QUESTION from Judy Ruffolo June 30, 2001 I recently received a crooked cross that my son bought in a recent visit to Rome and the vatican. Can you give me a little history on this cross? In watching the pope in his recent visit to Romania - I noticed he carried the same cross. I have tried researching this on the internet - but can find no answer. Can you help me out? I appreciate all your expertise. God bless you and all the work you do. Thank you, Judy Ruffolo
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on July 5, 2001 Dear Judy,
the Pope has a Cross on his staff which is used instead of the normal bishop's crozier. This has been the practise since the 11th century. The design of the cross is very simple. I am afraid this is all the information I have about it. The Catholic Encyclopedia does not give any further info.
God bless, Seam Hyland.
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