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Lost scrolls QUESTION from Ryan Shultz on March 22, 2002 Hello I was watching the movie Stigmata recently and noticed at the end of the movie they mentioned scrolls that were found in 1945 and were considered heresy by the Catholic Church. Is this a true statement and if so were can one find info on these scrolls? I know that the movie is pretty much fiction and far from the truth but the statement about the scrolls has been on my mind since then.
Thanks Ryan
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on March 30, 2002 Dear Ryan:
Quite simply -- focus you mind on something else. You yourself acknowledge that the movie was fiction, don't let yourself get trapped into the seductive lure of secret knowledge. Based on your question, I wouldn't tell you more about these scrolls if I could. It would just be creating a possibility for scandal and sin on your part. If you are interested in what early Christians wrote, read the writings of the Early Church Fathers. You will learn a lot about the heresies that the Church fought since these are the writings of the primary fighters. You will also see that they are very Catholic in their beliefs and practices. A good starting point would be The Faith of the Early Fathers by Jurgens.
Besides, you should avoid supporting such filth (even if you didn't pay for it). Movies like that are produced primarily to attack and discredit the Church (and all Christians). Like similar trash of the past, it will soon be forgotten as all works without truth or substance are.
Peace, Troy
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