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re: Drinking Holy Water QUESTION from Beth Brown October 16, 2001 You answered 1/2 of the topic I'm addressing wonderfully. However, you failed to answer the part about drinking Holy Water. I, too, have been curious about this. I came across some Catholic (Byzantine?) websites that instructed to drink Holy Water, and from the suggestions it sounded like this should be done quite frequently. So, I ask:
1) Is it good to drink Holy Water? 2) What effects (if any) would it have? 3) How often should it be done? 4) Does it protect more (or the same) than using Holy Water externally?
Thanks for your reply. God Bless you and all who operate your service.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 28, 2001 Dear Miss Brown:
As mentioned in my previous answer drinking Holy Water is a practice common when people are sick. However, I would caution the use of this practice on a regular basis as the potential to think superstitiously about this.
There is no harm to regular consumption, however, just a caution in thinking magicly or superstitiously.
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