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Ordinary and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist QUESTION from Larry Lottier July 15, 1999
Dear John... I addition to your response to Mickey Staudt (7/12) on Extraordinary Ministers, we might also point out that bishops, priests and deacons are Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. The extraordinary ministers are used ONLY when there are not enough Ordinary Ministers due to a large number of communicants. As deacons we often find the Eucharistic Ministers confused when we charitably inform them that when we are present at Mass we are responsible for the distribution of the Eucharist, most specifically as Minister of the Cup. We have an educational process to help the Extraordinary Ministers understand they are there in case there is a shortage of Ordinary Ministers - even if they happen to be scheduled for a specific Mass. In Mickey's case they may not have deacons but many parishes do so we have a catechizing opportunity. Continued blessings on your work, Deacon Larry Lottier ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on August 24, 1999
Dear Deacon Lottier, Thank you for educating us about this situation. Priests and Deacons are called to teach, preach and sanctify and you are clearly living up to your vocation. I'm grateful you said yes when God called you to the clergy. God bless you. John Miskell Back to Index Page

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