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Annulments QUESTION from Pam Fentress July 6, 2000 I am a lifelong Catholic, dating a non-Catholic. If we decide to marry, I need to know what he has to do in regards to his previous marriage. He is non-Catholic, who married a non-Catholic the first time. They were not married in a church of any denomination. They were married for 9 years, and had 1 child. They have been divorced for 6 years. In reading your posted questions, I am under the impression that if he was never baptized in any faith, that he does not have to get his first marriage annuled. Is this correct? Are there any differences in Diocesan policies in regards to this?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on September 7, 2000 Dear Miss Fentress:
Well if this guy is a non-Catholic, let alone not baptized, then you cannot marry him. Your marriage would be invalid in the eyes of the Church.
In order to marry a non-Catholic you must receive special permission from your bishop, not from your priest, but from your bishop.
From the sounds of if, if your intended would convert or if you get permission, an annulment may not be necessary since his marriage wasn't sacramental in the first place, but you need to check with your diocese.
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