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Minor ordinand/positioning QUESTION from Samuel Pinkman on December 26, 2002 Where is the proper position for an ordained minister below the order of deacon (i.e., one who is in internship for the permanent diaconate) when he is vested at Mass? I have seen them serve as acolytes, I have seen them serve as lectors, I have seen them sit in a side pew, and I have seen them stand at the altar with the celebrant and deacon (while not performing diaconal function. I am reasonably certain the first three options are legitimate, but am unsure about the lattermost. Thank you.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on December 28, 2002 Dear Mr. Pinkman,
There is no such thing as an Ordained Minister below that of deacon. The deacon in the lowest that receives Holy Orders.
If a man who is preparing to become a deacon is vested at Mass, he may wear an alb, but NOT a dalmatic and stole. He does have a place in the sanctuary, and he may do any of the ministries that a lay person can do. He may NOT stand at the altar with the priest and deacon, for this is not a part of his role, unless he is acting as the Master of Ceremonies and assisting with the Missal. Even so he and the ordained deacon must kneel at the consecration.
Mr. Slavek
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