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When is the Mass Official? QUESTION from Bob Rutzel on December 5, 2002 At what point in the Mass is it official? I was told long ago by a priest that the Mass was official when the Gospel was read as that was the reason for the Mass: to hear the Word as they did hear the Word in secret caves long ago. So, at what point in the Mass makes it and official Mass?
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on December 8, 2002 Dear Mr. Rutzel,
I'm not sure what this priest was thinking, but anyway he should know that the entire Mass is official liturgical prayer, and not just portions of it.
So to answer your question, the Mass becomes official when the first sung is begun, or if there is no singing, when the Sign of the Cross is first made. It remains official until the end.
Thank you,
Mr. Slavek
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