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Kneeling for Holy Communion QUESTION from Antonio Basto on June 27, 2002 Are lay people free to choose whether they will receive Holy Communion standing or kneeling?
I would like to receive it kneeling, but it was my understanding that I was bound by Church rules to be standing up when receiving Communion.
When I read the new GIRM, a few months ago, I undestood that it would be left to the Conference of Bishops to rule on the matter. But now, with the question posted recently in this forum by Anna, the question came back to my mind:
Have I the right to receive Communion kneeling?
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on July 6, 2002 Dear Mr. Basto,
Yes, you may receive Holy Communion while kneeling. You will find no intruction that requires the faithful to stand.
Mr. Slavek
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