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New Priestly Ordination Rite QUESTION from Anthony Perez on March 11, 2002 A relative of mine is a traditionalist Catholic,and he says that as of late 1960's,the rite used by bishops in ordaining priests changed. Among the things that were abolished included the power given to the priest to offer the Holy Sacrifice. I can't remember all of the points my relative brought up,but he believes as well as a a great number of traditionalists,that men who are ordained using the current rite are invalidly ordained as priests.I'm very concerned about this.
Thank you for answering my question and God bless!
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on March 18, 2002 Dear Mr. Perez,
Not to worry, there is no need to be concerned about the new rite or ordination. It is entirely valid.
Those who are radical traditionalists, or in fact anyone who disagrees with the church can make up pretty much anything to prove their side.
The mistake being made here is that they are asserting that Holy Orders come from the rituals or ceremonies rather than from God. It is not the bishop saying You are now a priest! You now are able to hear confessions, cast out demons, and offer Holy Mass! Rather, it is the valid consecration by the bishop and the Holy Orders from God that make a man a priest. In our current rite, it is the moment of the beautiful prayer of consecration that a man is made a priest. Sure, the prayers in the past went into greater detail, but the result is the same, an ordained priest.
Really, I cannot see how a reasonable catholic can deny ANY of the reformed Liturgy. Sometimes maybe our strong emotional attachments to the older rites cloud our judgement.
Mr. Slavek
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