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Description of QUESTION from Robert Grey on February 13, 2002 Dear Mr. Slavek,
Here I am to bother you again with my questions.
Thank you for your answer on the Roman Pontifical and the rite for Coronation of Kings.
Could you please describe the present rite used in the mass of inauguration of pontificate?
And could you describe the rite used until the coronation of Pope Paul VI for the crowning of the Supreme Pontiff with the Papal Tiara on the beginning of a new pontificate?
Thank you. If you can, could you give emphasis on the answer regarding the old rite of Papal coronation.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on February 18, 2002 Dear Mr. Grey,
I am sorry but none of my resources goes into much detail an either of these rites, and I am not familiar with them myself.
I have a book, The Church Visible which has a little on the new rites, including some commentary on the non-use of the older rites (including coronation). I'm not going to quote it here because it is copyrighted, so I suggest you look in a Catholic bookstore or maybe a library. (It is expensive!)
The Church Visible (by James-Charles Noonan, Jr., 1996) is not a liturgical text but rather a detailed resource of the ceremonial life and protocol of the Church. It is 100% loyal to current Church practices, while often describing past protocals not used and thier symbolism, etc.
Thank you for writing,
Mr. Slavek
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