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Homily before readings QUESTION from Lawrence Lam on February 3, 2002 At the Church I'm going to now while I'm in school, the priest delivers the homily before the readings. He tells us about what we are going to hear in the readings and then we hear them. Is this allowed?
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on February 9, 2002 Dear Mr. Lam,
No, this is not allowed. The instruction permit the priest to BRIEFLY introduce the readings and explain what they say, but I would say no more than a few sentences. Is this at a college? Perhaps the priest feels that the students are not prepared to understand the readings without prior explanation, if so, then it would be okay to briefly introduce them.
But, the homily, the more lengthy and detailed explanation, is to occur at its proper place AFTER the readings. Changing the Mass in this way is an abuse of sacred Liturgy and is not permitted. I would not consider it as SERIOUS of an abuse as say, changing words to reflect bad Theology, but nevertheless it is an abuse, and the Mass is not meant to be tampered with.
Mr. Slavek
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