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demonology QUESTION from nafanua taateo on July 23, 2002 I have suffered like my mother with many ailments unexplainable by medical experts after years of testing continuously. It is always are a combination of health problems overall.
Do not tell me I have schizophrenia or some kind of emotional suppresion because I understand all to well these issues. I have seen a few professionals re mental state, results are normal.My mother has the same symptoms, however she believes they are of a diabloical nature.
I try and not think about supernatural forces for all the weird things that have happened in my life, like people swearing black and blue on numerous occasions about sighting me in places I have never been to. Half of me is convinced about some sort of ancestry curse, as it only happens to our immediate family. You see I have these episodes, never in a pattern but absolutely embarrassing for me, where half of the time I am aware of what's happening but unable to stop myself from self destruction/to others as in shouting obscene/foul lanugage, other times I totally black out.
I often am haunted by the same dream that of being chased by the devil and by my own family for persecution...
I am a motivational performer with the focus on young people esp the disadvantage.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 13, 2002 Dear Mrs. Taateo:
We will be in prayer for you and your mother.
Since you did not specifically ask a question in your post, I will assume that you are seeking some basic guidance as it concerns your experiences and your current situation.
The types of problems that you are describing, especially the observation of others that you were in places that you do not remember suggest one sort of dissociative disorder or another. I would seek a doctor to ask specifically about dissociative disorders.
It is also possible that these problems your describe are spiritually based. You may want to look at the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalogue linked at the bottom of this post. Some of those prayers may be of help to you.
You also mentioned the possibility of generational issues. The Prayer Catalog has prayers dealing specifically with generational sins. I suggest that you pray that. Your mother needs to do this too.
In addition to prayer, make sure that you are living the Christ life and participating in the sacramental life of the Church. Frequent and devout reception of the Sacraments, specifically Reconciliation and the Eucharist, are very powerful means of deliverance and healing. A good summary of what it means to live this life of devotion and prayer can be found at the following website: Seven Steps

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