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Christmas Proclamation QUESTION from A. Basto December 25, 2001 During Midnight Mass on Christmas Day, the deacon makes a solemn proclamation of the Birth of Our Lord, describing the time in history in which the Incarnation occured. The deacon speaks of the time elapsed since the foundation of Rome, the anointing of David, the convenant with Abraham, the reign of Octavius Caesar Augustus, etc. I heard this proclamation during mass and was impressed with it, but I couldn't memorize all the information. I would like to have the text of this proclamation with me. Could you please, then, if its not a great burden, make a transcription of the text of the proclamation?
God Bless.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on December 30, 2001 Dear Mr. Basto,
There is no text for this proclamation and it does not appear in the Lectionary for Mass or Sacramentary. It is not proper to the Liturgy.
You may be thinking of the Gospel for that Mass, which mentions by name David and Caesar Augustus, but not Abraham. This Gospel is Luke 2:1-14.
Perhaps this proclamation was included in some way in the homily. Check with your deacon, I am sure he would be pleased to share again with you what has been said at that Mass.
Mr. Slavek
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