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Workshop QUESTION from Howard Remaly on May 22, 2002 Dear Brother,
You mentioned in your response to Mr. Regaldo that you teach a workshop called Hope, Help Victory and that sometimes you travel to conduct conduct the workshop. I would surely appreciate it if you will advise me as to the necessary details required for you to give that workshop in our spiritual community. I believed we have a full speakers schedule this summer but perhaps we could get something going next year.
Looking forward to your, I hope,. positive reply Sincerely Howard Remaly
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 30, 2002 Dear Mr. Remaly:
Yes, occasionally, I do travel to conduct workshops. It depends upon my health at the time.
Essentially, you just need to email me with a request for a specific date. The details are then listed in an Agreement Letter.
I do require all travel and lodging expenses be paid in advance. There is no charge for the workshop itself -- we accept a free will donation. But some groups like to charge a Registration Fee. If you are going to do that then we need to negotiate a percentage share of that fee in addition to providing an opportunity for people to give a free will offering.
There is also an extensive workshop manual (more than 100 pages). The manual is provided at cost of around $10.00 or so depending on printing costs at the time. To guaranteed that those who want a manual will get one we need to do an Advanced Registration with a deadline of two weeks to one month before the date of the workshop. Walk-in Registrants may or may not be able to have a manual during the workshop, but may order one that may be mailed to them at a later date.
The items I need to conduct the workshop include a chair, table, and overhead projector with screen, film and pens for using the projector.
In addition to this, I was just talking to my staff about these workshops. We are planning on conducting an ONLINE WORKSHOP that would provide Real Audio lectures, the manual online as an electronic book (and printable), and live chatroom (with voice on the Paltalk system) sessions for questions and answers. Personal consultations can then be conducted by private voice chatroom, email, or telephone.
This option may not be as intimate as a face-to-face meeting, but it is an option.
The part that is really missed on doing an online workshop is the one-to-one face-to-face interaction. Usually when giving these workshops there are at least a couple of people or more who need some private consultation. While doing that on voice chatrooms or the telephone will work, it is better in person I think.
Anyway, those are the options.

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