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IGMR 2000 QUESTION from A. Basto December 21, 2001
when will the General Instruction of the Roman Missal published in 2000 enter into force? I have heard that this will only happen at some point in the future when the 3rd Edition of the Missale Romanum will be promulgated. Is this correct?
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on December 26, 2001
Dear Mr. Basto,

Yes, this is correct. Check out

The reason why the new GIRM takes effect when the new Latin Missal is published is because the Latin Rite in unified in it's Liturgy. The Latin edition is the OFFICIAL edition for all English speakers, French speakers, Spanish speakers and whatever. Spanish speakers do not follow one set of rules while English speakers follow another. We all follow the Latin, and begin following the Latin when THE LATIN is published.

There does exist in English a translation of the new GIRM, but it is not to be regarded in any way as official. Rather, it is a reference for those who are not able to read the Latin. I suspect, since it is an okay translation, that it will become official in the future.

Mr. Slavek
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