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Self Intinction QUESTION from Father Taurasi December 11, 2001
Dear Mr. Slavek,
Mr. Franco asked a question concerning the liturgical practice of intinction. Although not specifically stated, from the tone of his question, I believe, Mr. Franco was asking about self intinction, rather than the general practice of intinction.
Self intinction consists of a person receiving the Host from the priest, and then approaching the Chalice and dipping the Host into the Precious Blood. The practice of self intinction by the laity is forbidden by the liturgical documents from Rome.
Due to the fact that self intinction is widespread throughout the United States, and the proper way of administering Holy Communion by intinction is almost never implemented, I believe this was the intent of Mr. Franco's question. I invite you to consult the official liturgical documents for conformation of the prohibition of self intinction.
Father Taurasi
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on December 14, 2001
Dear Father,
Thank you for alerting us to this possible confusion. Yes, self intinction, which you have described, is forbidden. The proper manner of intinction is the priest dips the Host into the chalice which is held by another priest, a deacon, an acolyte or the priest himself. The Host must be received on the tongue.
Mr. Slavek
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