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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Strange happenings

by Catherine Frakas 05 Feb 2001

Strange happenings QUESTION from Debbie on May 3, 2002 Hi Brother J.P.
Peace be with you.
I have a few questions, and will try not to be too long! My mother has a friend who is a charismatic Christian, and she has a few strange ideas. My mother is thinking of letting the friendship cool. The friend talks of a Jerusalem in the sky that is identical to the Jerusalem on Earth. Apparently, the Jerusalem in the sky is being lowered and will eventually reach the ground, causing the end of the world. Do you know anything about that? She also says that nobody should ever insult a Jewish person, because anybody who does so will be cursed. That is because Jews are God's chosen people. It is difficult to praise Israelis with the Middle Eastern troubles, obviously, and what about the fact that Jews do not accept Christ? Surely anyone who insults a true Christian brings a curse on himself? I hope you understand what I am saying.
The friend got us to read some strange books, such as The Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter, a charismatic writer. Do you know about her?
Next, I wondered about reality TV. I know the Vatican dispproves of shows such as Survivor, but I adore travel and wondered if it could be considered okay to watch Survivor and The Amazing Race from a travel point of view?
Finally, I have to get onto the topic of serious spiritual warfare. Right now, I am resting my hand on the Bible to assure you that every word I say is true. I am telling no lies. My mother and I began to have trouble when my sister became involved with a strange boyfriend who she eventually married. He plays Magic and occult-oriented computer games, only listens to heavy metal music and only watches horror movies. He keeps evil posters, calenders and ornaments in his house, and goes to secret meetings. My sister gets scared in the house. He has caused great divisions in the family. They have a baby son, and I wanted to arrange his baptism with my priest, but my sister is not interested.
My mother and I found our lives going dramatically downhill when he came along. It seems unnatural. A family friend (my mother's former best friend) has a daughter who became a white witch, and she married a Satanic high priest. Their lives soared to great heights, but we allowed the friendship to fizzle, as they changed for the worse in their ways.
My father cursed us, and we lost our house and everything else. We moved to rented premises, and found a good bargain in a wonderful area. We now understand why! The house is haunted. We have both had ghostly experiences, such as something crawling on the bed, things dropping for no reason and so on. The other night, on a windless night, my door slammed shut very loudly. I once heard someone go into the bathroom and run taps, and there was no-one there. (I must apologize about the length of this, but I'm becoming desperate.)
In this house, I've seen fairies at night time - yes, those Tinkerbell-type things. At least I know I'm not the only one to go through this stuff, as it happens to my mother, too. A few nights ago, we happened to watch a movie that ended up disturbing us dreadfully, called Requiem for a Dream. Since I saw it, I can't sleep, and I jump sharply in my bed. At least my cat sleeps with me, and that helps. I have awful nightmares, and I saw a black shadow floating by, shaped like a cloud. Whatever is in the house followed me to Mass the other night as I saw a strange white shadow in the doorway. A while ago in this house, I used to feel sexual attacks from a demon, and last night was as bad as it can get.
When I get scared, I pray for 16 angels to stand around my bed to keep me safe, so I did last night. I closed my eyes, and in my head I saw a vision of myself surrounded by the angels. A red dragon flew in, and the angels let him get to me. I felt something grabbing me in a sexual way and really hurting me. I have never slept with anyone before - I admire the ways of The Virgin, and St. Cecelia. When I got up today, I had blood coming out of my body, and I think that can be attributed to last night's attack.
I have a crucifix in my room, and I say the daily rosary and prayer to St. Michael (my confirmation saint.) It's beyond me how anything evil can bear to come into my room, and near to me! I will admit (please, please don't judge us) my mother and I got so desperate that as a last resort we once went to see a witch doctor to try and remove the curse my father left us with. You just don't know how bad things were!
I have to ask for your prayers. If our circumstances become better, we'll be able to get out of here, and that can't happen a moment too soon. I feel so dejected, as if nobody can help me, not even God. I pray so much, but I'm so scared.
God bless you, Debbie
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 19, 2002 Dear Debbie:
I think that it is wise that your mother wants to cool the friendship with this person. The views of this person about Jerusalam and the Jewish people are typical among some charismatic groups. It is flawed thinking. I would stay away from this person and do not read the books she recommends. Do not allow yourself to become contaminated by that garbage. Rather, stay close to the Church and her teachings.
As for the TV shows, those shows are not travel logs so I do not think you can pretend they are. There are all sorts of travel-type shows on TV on Public Television, A & E, and there is even a TRAVEL CHANNEL. I would recommend those.
As for your other problems I think I would move out of your apartment and go somewhere else. It just isn't worth it.
Sometimes God allows such experiences to happen as a way to teach us something or to build our faith. That is one reason, at least, of why the angels may have allowed the evil one through.
We must persevere and keep our faith in God. God loves us.
One of the things you must do is to renounce all involvments in things not of God -- like going to the witch doctor. Doing that actually opens the door for further demonic harassment.
You need to pray prayers of renunciation of ancestral sins and also prayers to break curses. You will find these sorts of prayers in the Prayer Catalog linked below. Please use those prayers as you need, and modify them to fit your circumstances.
If after praying those prayers in that fit your circumstances that are found in the Catalog, you are still having problems you may wish to ask for a private consultation.
God Bless, and we are praying for you.

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