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Predestination Response QUESTION from Vince Parise October 14, 2001
In response to a question sent to you by Fr. Paul on on July 26, I wish to give my understanding of the theological meaning behind his question with regard to this quote:
Father, accept this offering from your whole family. Grant us your peace in this life, save us from final damnation, AND COUNT US AMONG THOSE YOU HAVE CHOSEN.
Without appearing to be condescending, my response to Fr. Paul's question may very well defend my objection to certain words being changed during the Consecration of wine into the Prescious Blood of Christ. The words being said now are, for you and for all, instead of, for you and for many. The words, for you and for many, is now, and has always been, for more than nineteen hundred years, the more proper and more accurate English translation of the Latin pro multis which means many.
And, as you, Mr. Slavek, have correctly stated, the line, AND COUNT US AMONG THOSE YOU HAVE CHOSEN, does in no way imply God's predestination of those who will or will not be saved. What it does imply is simply this, we were not saved by the death of Christ but were redeemed by the death of Christ. There is no guarantee of salvation, and although salvation is truly a wonderful gift from God, it is a gift that must be earned. We earn the gift of salvation by living a life in imitation of Christ. If we sin, we must repent, do penance, and endeavor to amend our life. The words, AND COUNT US AMONG THOSE YOU HAVE CHOSEN, on the surface may suggest predestination, but after we begin to more completely understand these words, before I formed you in the womb I knew you, we will come to know that God's predestination comes from God's prevision. And, I think that your words Mr. Slavek, Quote: I think that because Christ shed his blood for all, then all are chosen to be spared from final damnation. Whether we choose to take advantage of His sacrifice is another matter, were most appropiate and as accurate as any creature Created by 'The Creator' could be.
God Bless,
Vincent D. Parise
Orlando, Florida.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on October 19, 2001
Thank you, Mr. Parise, for helping us understand the deep theological meaning of these words of this important prayer. I think it certainly is a good subject for prayer in church.
Mr. Slavek
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