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Santeria QUESTION from Anthony Perez on April 6, 2002 An elderly relative of mine who has Alzheimers was just placed in a nursing home permanently, because she no longer can care for herself. She was involved in the Santeria religion, which is a combination of pagan beliefs from Africa and certain Catholic beliefs.
Her children don't practice any faith,and they've been giving away some of her furniture and other items to relatives and friends. Since they know that I'm a Catholic,they asked me if I wanted a couple of her religious statues of saints (St.Christopher,Our Lady of Mt.Carmel,and St.Barbara).
They're beautiful stautes imported from Spain with glass eyes,and made of a wood paste material.I feel like accepting the statues, cleaning them up,and having a priest bless them. My brother says that I shouldn't accept them, since they were probably involved in Santeria practices. What should I do?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 20, 2002 Dear Mr. Perez:
There should not be any problem accepting these items AS LONG AS you have the items cleansed with a blessing with Holy Water -- but not just a regular blessing. The blessing should include a simple exorcism.
If your priest is not familiar with the form for a blessing with simple exorcism, I can provide it for him.
Also the Holy Water needs to be the type blessed with the form of simple exorcism and not just blessed water.

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