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Being Pastoral QUESTION from Adrian G. B May 28, 2000 Last evening I attended a mass at a different church in my area. The Mass began with an illicit rite, since after the penitential rite the celebrant concluded the rite with Glory be to the Father.... rather than May Almighty God have mercy on us,...... At the communion rite the celebrant asked each person receiving communion his/her first name then proceded to say: (first name), the body of Christ. I can only assume it was his attempt at being pastoral and personal butinterfred with my receiption of Holy Communion. I should have answered in, retrospect, when ask for my name with: sinner It was a disturbing experience for me. I guess I just have to pray for errant priests and disregard those things illicit. I don't believe confrontation would help. I find that I am spending too much time during mass looking for illicit rubrics/liturgy. No question, just wanted to pass this along for your thoughts. Peace,
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on June 2, 2000
Dear Sinner,
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