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deacon's posture during consecration QUESTION from F. Lucero January 5, 2000
Sir, I am a bit confused. I have read in other Catholic Q&A; areas that deacons are to kneel at the consecration. Yet in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, in Chapter IV, Part IB: Function of the Deacon, #134 it is written, During the Eucharistic Prayer the deacon stands near, but slightly behind the priest so that when necessary, he may assist the priest with the chalice or the missal. No where can I find that the deacon must kneel. Is he or is he not required to kneel during the consecration? If possible could you give me definitive, authoritative documentation supporting your answer? ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on Wednesday, January 5, 2000
Dear F. Lucero, Thank you for your question. I've also heard that the deacon should be kneeling during the Consecration but as you point out the GIRM says otherwise. The Ceremonial of Bishops says that during the Consecration; The deacons stand behind the concelebrants, but in such a way that one of them may assist at the cup and the book as needed... [#153, p57]. The Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite lacks the force of law but it is a very reliable liturgical resource. It says; The deacon takes the position at the altar he will maintain until Communion. He stands to the right of the celebrant, but back several paces, indicating that he is not a concelebrant… [#400, p.400].
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