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Camelot Warfare Library

by Catherine Frakas 03 Oct 2013

Camelot Warfare Library A Collection of Resources on Spiritual Warfare (Home) Directory of Recommended Resources | Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog | About Spiritual Warfare CatalogtestPrinciples of Discernment in Evaluating BooksForm to Recommend SW PrayersIndex of Books Not RecommendedDirectory of Exorcists, Deliverance Counselors, and InvestigatorsDirectory of Non-Recommended Exorcists, Deliverance Counselors, and InvestigatorsSpiritual Warfare Prayer CatalogDirectory of Recommended ResourcesAbout --> Directory of Recommended Resources
Other Directories Principles of Discernment in Evaluating Books Directory- of Books Not Recommended Directory of Exorcists, Deliverance Counselors, and Investigators Directory of Non-Recommended Exorcists, Deliverance Counselors, and Investigators Directory of Recommended Resources for Spiritual Warfare …from St. Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance Learn how you can deliver yourself from demonization Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog A collection of Prayers Useful in combating evil in our lives and seeking deliverance Three Secret Strategies of Satan (pdf file) Violent Hauntings Special considerations to review when experiencing violent hauntings Non-violent Hauntings Special considerations to review when experiencing non-violent hauntings Seven Kinds of Ghosts Examines the various kinds of spirit manifestations Devotion to Divine Mercy as a Means of Deliverance Seeking the Intercession of the Blessed Mother All About Spiritual Gifts (pdf file) Analysis of the Charism Gifts that Build-up the Church Church Documents Confronting the Devil’s Power, Pope Paul VI, General Audience, November 15, 1972 On Some Aspects of Christian Meditation, Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, October 15, 1989 Jesus Christ The Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian Reflection on the New Age, Pontifical Council for Culture / Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy, Committee on Doctrine, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
The following two documents from the Church speak directly to Spiritual Warfare. These documents speak to restrictions placed upon and instructions for deliverance and healing apostolates: Instruction on Prayers for Healing, Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith, September 14, 2000 Inde Ab Aliquot Annis: On The Current Norms Governing Exorcisms, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith September 29, 1985; Translated by Father Gabriele Amorth, Exorcist of Diocese of Rome Articles from Bishops on Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Warfare: The Occult Has Demonic Influence by Bishop Donald W. Montrose Satanic Rites in the Church’s Judgement by Bishop Angelo Scola, Bishop emeritus of Grosseto, Italy, Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome - Books written by Official Exorcists
{forthcoming} Deliverance & Exorcism Begone Satan! by Fr. Carl Vogl. True story of possession and exorcism in Earling, Iowa of a woman cursed by her own father, possessed from 16 years old until her 40th year. Demoniality (or- Incubi and Succubi) by- Fr. Sinistrari of Ameno, a 17th century expert on exorcism. This book is included with some provisos. Some of the ideas contained in the book are obsolete and thus is not the current understanding on some aspects of demonology. Born in Ameno, Italy, Fr. Sinistrari studied in Pavia and entered the Franciscan Order in 1647. He taught philosophy and theology to students in Pavia, some of them having been attracted to the area by his fame. Sinistrari was an adviser to the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition in Rome. He was considered an expert on exorcism and wrote of the effects (during exorcisms) of various plants and other substances including cubeb, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg. He was also considered an expert on demonology, sins relating to sexuality, and all combinations thereof, including investigations of those individuals accused of sexual relations with demons. Allegations along these lines became staples of later Inquisition investigations of those accused of witchcraft. Not surprisingly, his advice was, at various times, directed against enemies of the Roman Catholic Church, including his references to Martin Luther as a devil-begotten man - The Sand Box Is Harry Potter Good for Our Kids? by Vivian W. Dudro, the July/August issue of St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers explores the issue of Harry Potter and tells why Christians should be on guard. - Some Thoughts on the Harry Potter Series by Michael O’Brien. - Mr. O’Brien gives a thoughtful and good analysis of the Harry Potter phenomenon. The article is taken from the- National Catholic Register (October 22, 2000). Should Christians Participate in Halloween? by Bro. Ignatius Mary. A thoughtful examination from a Catholic Christian worldview. The Danger of Centering Prayer by Rev. John D. Dreher. Centering prayer is essentially a form of self-hypnosis. It makes use of a -€œmantra,-€ a word repeated over and over to focus the mind while striving by one’s will to go deep within oneself. The effects are a hypnotic-like state: concentration upon one thing, disengagement from other stimuli, a high degree of openness to suggestion, a psychological and physiological condition that externally resembles sleep but in which consciousness is internalized and the mind subject to suggestion. - Reiki and Yoga:- Former Hindu guru Rabi Maharaj, No part of Yoga can be separated from the philosophy behind it. by- Marie Anne Jacques. A summary of non-Christian practices that are dangerous. - Faith Facts: Reiki - To Yoga or not to Yoga by Patti Maguire Armstrong. Yoga is not my sport. But my aversion to it is not a matter of disdain for the lean and limber who stretch into unnatural poses.- Stretching is legitimately good for the body. Yoga, however, is more complicated than physical fitness. Reincarnation Western-Style: the Resurgence of Age-old Superstition in a Scientific Era. Marie I. George outlines an extensive analysis and refutation of the notion of Reincarnation. How POKEMON and Magic Cards Affect the Minds and Values of Children by Berit Kjos ENNEAGRAM (Taken from -€œThe New Age: A Christian Critique-€ by Ralph Rath, published by Greenlawn Press, 107 S. Greenlawn, South Bend, IN 46617.) Astrology: Help, Hoax, or Harm?, by Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Dowsing: Divine Gift, Human Ability, or Occult Power? by John Weldon from the Christian Research Journal, Spring 1992, page 8. The Editor-in-Chief of the Christian Research Journal is Elliot Miller. (PDF File) A Course In Brainwashing by Tracy Moran. Catholics across the country are alarmed at the increasing popularity of a New Age phenomenon known as -€œA Course in Miracles,-€ -€” a system of spirituality proponents claim is the -€œThird Testament-€ of God to His people. This article was taken from the June 2, 1996 issue of -€œOur Sunday Visitor.-€ A Course in Miracles. Edward R Hryczyk explains the movement known as -€œA Course in Miracles-€ founded by Mrs. Helen Schucman who claims to receive channeled messages. The -€œspirit-€ denies the divinity of Christ and claims to find errors in the Sacred Scriptures. Culture Wars How to Win the Culture War:- : A Christian Battle Plan for a Society in Crisis by Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Boston College speaking at Franciscan University of Steubenville. (Video) - The Church and the Culture War: Secular Anarchy or Sacred Order by Joyce Little - Catholics and the Culture War DVD by Tim Staples - How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas E. Woods Three Secret Strategies of Satan to Destroy our Children, our Families, our Culture, and our Church (PDF) by Bro. Ignatius Mary Th Betrayal of Homosexuals (PDF) by Msgr. Vincent Foy. How homosexuals are betrayed by themselves, the secular world, and those in the Church. The truth about homosexuals. Satanism and the Occult An anthropological view of Satanism by Andrea Porcarelli. Demonology. Article from the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia. Occult Art, Occultism from the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia. Phenomenon of Satanism in Contemporary Society by Giuseppe Ferrari. New Age A Call to Vigilance: Pastoral Instruction on New Age Archbishop Norberto Rivera Carrera the primate of Mexico examines the origins and content of the New Age movement, the reasons for its rapid spread, its incompatibility with the Gospel, and the responsibility of all Catholics to counteract its influence. The New Age Mystic: Different Path, Same God? by Randy England. Chapter 5 of -€œThe Unicorn in the Sanctuary: The Impact of the New Age on the Catholic Church-€ published by Tan Books and Publishers. Shows the inroads the Eastern form of meditation has made on Catholic spirituality. Discusses Centering Prayer. The Unicorn in the Sanctuary: The Impact of the New Age on the Catholic Church by Randy England (the full book). Tan Books and Publishers, 1992.- Shows how New Age principles have infiltrated the Catholic Church; being a combination of humanism; paganism; self-deification; Satanism and witchcraft; a far more dangerous movement than it appears! This is the first full-length study of the impact of the New Age Movement on Catholicism. Clear and down to earth. Tells what it is; what is wrong with it; where it came from and what to do about it. - Catholics and the New Age by Father Mitch Pacwa. Servant Books, 1992. Probes the reasons why many Catholics are dabbling in the New Age Movement. Has major focus on the Enneagram. ENNEAGRAM (Taken from -€œThe New Age: A Christian Critique-€ by Ralph Rath, published by Greenlawn Press, 107 S. Greenlawn, South Bend, IN 46617.) The Age-€“Old New Age Movement by Harold J. Barry. The New Age Movement is -€œthe most dangerous enemy of Christianity in the world today, …more dangerous than secular humanism.-€ Catholicism Confronts New Age Syncretism, by Bernard Green. This article contributed by Antonio Badilla was taken from the New Oxford Review. It concerns the syncretistic mentality that is widespread in the Church today-€”a mentality that puts witches, Buddhists, American Indians, and Catholicism on an equal level. The Challenge of New Religious Movements by Cardinal Francis Arinze. An address given at the Vatican by Cardinal Francis Arinze on April 5, 1991 to the April 4-7 consistory of the world’s cardinals. A Closer Look at the New Age Movement by Fr John Carlo Rosales, FFI. This article provides an assessment and critique of the New Age movement and also discusses its origins and history as well as its goals. Theosophy: Origin of the New Age (Part 1) - - Theosophy: Origin of the New Age (Part 2) by C.C. Martindale, S.J. The New Age movement had its start not in ancient times and not in our own time, but in the 19th century. The article identifies the culprits and dissects their beliefs. Taken from the February 1996 issue of This Rock Magazine. God and the New Age Movement: Sorting the Facts by Terry Ann Modica. How do New Age teachings compare with Christian truths? The New Age movement is full of deceptions. Many of its teachings sound good, and some even speak of God and Jesus, but the truth gets twisted. People are tricked into believing lies that lead them away from God, away from His Lordship. That-€™s why God warns us to test everything rather than believing blindly (1 Thess. 5:21,22). Does it lead us closer to Jesus Christ or away from Him? Does it contradict the Gospel of salvation or does it help us to live holier lives? New Age Lies The -€œNew Age-€ Movement is a loosely connected network of people, groups, activities and practices which, according to its adherents, purportedly foster and produce a vast array of beneficial results such as -€œspiritual-€ and personal growth, financial success, improvement in relationships, physical and psychological healing, individual and global peace, stabilization of the environment, etc. The New Age Movement: Highway to Hell The -€œNew Age-€ movement is an enduring facet of American culture. We spend billions of dollars every year on fortune telling, Tarot cards, astrology, channeling, cryptozoology, and hundreds of other dubious and ineffective methods and trinkets. Even if all this is a waste of good money, it all seems so harmless like a hobby, perhaps. At least it keeps people busy and content. At least it provides some semblance of spirituality. Or is it so harmless? New Wave Revisited. The modern turn to the New Age Movement is nothing but a return to the ancient heresy of Gnosticism. Dissident Groups and Priests Center For Action and Contemplation by Stephanie Block.- Miss Block gives an excellent critique of Fr. Richard Rohr’s organization, which promotes heterodox views against the Church on such issues as homosexuality, the agenda of Call to Action, radical feminism, and Liberation Theology, amongst many other views. The Fr. Richard Rohr Phenomenon by Fr. Bryce Andrew Sibley. Father Sibley gives a summary of the issues and controversies surrounding the dissident priest Fr. Richard Rohr, who in addition to taking issue with the Church’s teaching on homosexuals, supporting Call to Action, radical feminism, liberation theology, and more, also flirts with heresy on doctrines on the Nature of God as Father, Original Sin, and nature of Redemption by Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. 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