Explanation and criteria for Decorations and Service Awards for Legionnaires of St. Michael

Squire The Squire, equivalent in the Marine Corp to a Lance Corporal, has completed all three Modules of the enlisted training. The Squire may remain in this rank, and as Prayer Warrior (VS Level 3), or may begin to rotate between Vocational Specialties Levels 2, 4-6 to learn about each specialty in discernment to which specialty (Levels 2-6) God may be calling him. The Squire may also begin to take on some leadership responsibilities. Specific duties depend on the team to which the Squire belongs, or what specific assignment given to him. Squires are expected to lead those below him in rank and serve as an example to them. At this rank, the Squire may become an assistant to a Knights Bachelor. In a shortage of Knights Bachelor Postulant, Oblate, or Regular, the Squire may serve as leader of Parish level Apostolates or units. Automatic promotions no longer apply beyond the rank of Squire. Promotion to the Bachelor ranks depends upon the job speciality, leadership qualities, merit, experience, length of time as an Legionnaire, and the call God has for the Legionnaire. Advancement to Phase 4 (Non-commissioned Officer Training) is available only for those who wish to enter the ranks of leadership, such as team leader, project leader, etc.

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