Explanation and criteria for Decorations and Service Awards for Legionnaires of St. Michael

Knight Bachelor Prime The Knight Bachelor Prime, equivalent in the Marine Corp to a Master Gunnery Sergeant, is the expert in spiritual warfare weaponry (e.g., prayer, the Bible, and all other manner of weapons waged against our spiritual enemy, the devil and his minions). The Knight Bachelor Prime possesses wealth of knowledge concerning the spiritual weaponry at our disposal and about the nature and tactics of the Enemy. In his Command capacity, the Knight Bachelor Prime may assist the Knight Bachelor Paladin in field Operational management and supervision at the Battalion, Brigade, and Divisional levels. The Bachelor Prime may, in the absence of ranking officer, assume the role of commanding officer in apostolates or units normally commanded by Junior Officers, especially on the front lines of conflict. In his role as Teacher, the Bachelor Prime instructs Legionnaires in the proper use of our spiritual weaponry and on the tactics of the Enemy to whom we must apply those weapons.

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