Explanation and criteria for Decorations and Service Awards for Legionnaires of St. Michael

Knight Bachelor Paladin The Knight Bachelor Paladin, equivalent in the Marine Corp to a Sergeant Major, is the highest ranking enlisted Legionnaire except for the Provost Paladin. He advises and initiates recommendations to the commander and staff in matters pertaining to the enlisted grades under his command. In his Command capacity, the Knight Bachelor Paladin may be the Operational Manager and Supervisor at the Divisional, Brigade, and Regimental levels. He is knowledgeable about all policies, ministry functions, and operations of LSM. He communicates those policies, functions, and operational information to the enlisted grades and oversees the policies and standards of the performance, training, and conduct of enlisted personnel. The Knight Bachelor Paladin is expected to function completely without supervision. Like the old sage of times past, the Knight Bachelor Paladin counsel is expected to be calm, settled and unequivocally accurate, but with an energy and enthusiasm that never wanes, even in the worst of times. The Knight Bachelor Paladin is not only the chief supervisor of the enlisted grades, but oversees training and also disciplinary actions for Legionnaires who break Code.
In his capacity as Paladin, the Knight Bachelor Paladin, assists the Knight Bachelor Provost Paladin in his duties to promote among the enlisted grades the Order of Chivalry, enforce the Code of Chivalry, and defend the faith, truth, goodness, and justice against evil and the devil. Overall, the Knight Bachelor Paladin acts as exemplar for the Legionnaires under their command both in deportment as a Legionnaire, and in the chivalry we are called to perform by Christ.

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