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Ministry Distinctives for the Legionnaires of St. Michael

by Catherine Frakas 20 Aug 2013

An apostolate of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael Distinctives that Make Us Unique from Other Confraternities and Apostolates in Spiritual Warfare The commitment to excellence and to obedience to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church in the teaching of spiritual warriorship and in the informing of the Faithful of the dangers of the occult and demonic philosophies has set aside the Legionnaires of St. Michael (LSM) in a place of distinction. The following five points outline the distinctions that set the LSM apart from many other apostolates working on the occult and spiritual warfare issue:
A Consistent and Obedient Theological Approach The Legionnaires of St. Michael and its parent organization, the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael fully submit to the authentic teaching authority of the Pope and Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Additionally, each Legionnaire must affirm Loyalty to that authentic teaching authority as a condition of joining our Confraternity. ( Click Here to see our Statement of Fidelity and Loyalty). Therefore, whenever we publish any form of writing, give any speech or talk, conduct any workshop or seminar or other teaching presentation, offer any advice or counseling, moderate any chatroom, mail list, discussion group, or any other interactive service on the Internet, the LSM and its representatives seek to express only official teachings on subjects for which an official teaching exists — submitting all personal opinions to that official teaching. In other areas, where latitude of opinion is allowed, every attempt is made to offer opinions that are in full accord with the general spiritual principles and teachings of the Church, Sacred Scriptures, Sacred Tradition, the insights from the Saints, and the Catholic worldview. The LSM's commitment to the Church leads it to an obedience that not only affirms and expounds the great fundamentals of the Catholic Faith, but provides a sound, rational, biblical approach and belief about the theology of Spiritual Warfare, demonology, and the various issues of the occult within the larger context of the Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Faith.
A Sacred Tradition (oral & written) Centered Approach The study of the entire Bible, not just portions of it, and of the great writings of the Church and her saints, is a central characteristic of our approach to understanding the nature of Satan, the character of Spiritual Warfare, and the ways that we as Christians are to participate in the Warfare to the glory of God.

A Dynamic Spiritual Emphasis The Legionnaires of St. Michael accepts only members who are baptized and confirmed Catholics in good standing. Members must also be living and walking the Christ-life in the fullness, fellowship, and gifts of the Spirit and be willing to be taught and lead by the Holy Spirit. This is especially important in a Spiritual Warfare apostolate. As a Spiritual Warrior, the cultivation of the spiritual life is inseparably fused with the work of the Apostolate. Opportunities for spiritual exercises and spiritual direction are benefits enjoyed by Legionnaires. We seek to assist the Legionnaire to be filled with the Spirit and walking with the Armor of God. Only with the Spirit's filling and leading can one be effective in Spiritual Warfare and to conduct that warfare within the will of God. Legionnaires are trained and prepared to communicate the Word of God in the power of the Spirit of God. Satan will not listen to anything other than the Power of the Word (written and oral) presented by those under obedience to the Church. Without the Spirit of God — the Holy Spirit — within and working through us, and without our personal obedience to the Church in all matters, we can have no lasting success in Spiritual Warfare.
A Strong Commitment to Evangelism & Discipleship The Legionnaires of St. Michael firmly believes that the only protection we have against the devil and his minions is the saving, living, and healing grace of Jesus Christ through the Sacraments, sacramentals, and devotions of His Church. Because of this fundamental belief, the LSM is not only educational in its outreach to others, but is also evangelistic, healing, and apologetic. Evangelism and apologetics, and even healing, are not enough however. Matthew 28 not only instructs us to go to every nation and to all people to proclaim the Good News of salvation and healing of Jesus Christ, but also to disciple them, to teach them the ways of Christian living and faith. Evangelization and apologetics cannot be genuinely performed, and healing is to no avail, we believe, without the corresponding encouragement for all the Faithful to be Disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ. Without this emphasis Satan will only deflect into carnality those of whom we inform and teach. Evangelism, healing, and apologetics without discipleship allow Satan to rob the Faithful their victory in Christ, which ultimately can lead into a defeated life. The Faithful must follow through on their decision for Christ in order to be victorious in spiritual warfare and in their personal lives. This is accomplished by becoming disciples — living the Christ-life, frequent participation in the Sacraments, the daily wearing the Armor of God, daily devotions, works of charity and mercy, and sharing the faith with others who ask. To fail to follow through in the Christ-life allows Satan to have his opportunity once again. As one old Baptist preacher said one time, The best way to keep Satan out, is to keep God in. There is no substitute for Christ. No prayer form, nor devotion nor sacramental by itself will bring deliverance and healing. It is only through a personal and living relationship with Jesus Christ through His True Church and the Sacraments that can truly deliver and heal. It is because of these truths that we say that the primary Apostolate of our Confraternity is one of evangelism, healing, apologetics, and Discipling rather than one of mere spiritual warfare. In the process of proclaiming the Good New of Christ, in the process of teaching the historic Catholic Faith and the principles of Scripture and Sacred Tradition, if one comes forward with a spiritual affliction, we shall try to help, as we are able.
An Understanding of the Big Picture We offer an unique perspective that spiritual warfare should not be done in isolation of other ministries. Thus, the LSM is not an isolated activity of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael, but an integrated outreach within the larger mission of ministering to the Faithful and to unbelievers about the glories and the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord. In similar manner we encourage Legionnaires to live balanced lives with devotions and activities other than the LSM. We believe that by approaching Spiritual Warfare in this balanced and thoughtful way we assure the spiritual and temporal protection we need as Apostles of the Latter Times.

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