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Legionnaires of St. Michael

by Catherine Frakas 18 Aug 2013

An apostolate of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael Return to Camelot Home Page Our Apostolate Legionnaires of St. Michael is the flagship of a triad of organizations designed to support the efforts of battling Spiritual Warfare in our lives and in our culture. The other two organizations are: St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling This agency offers advice and consultation to those afflicted by demonic harassments of any kind. If needed, staff at this agency can conduct Deliverance Counseling with clients. Anyone who comes to us whom we believe is possessed is referred to a bishop.
St. Michael Academy for Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Counseling The Academy is the training arm of our Spiritual Warfare Apostolate. The Academy trains students to be Investigators, Intake and Assessment Counselors, and Deliverance Counselors. Our program is the most extensive in the world. Graduation takes three-four years and includes a one year internship. After graduation, the new Deliverance Counselors must work for three years as Residents in the St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counselling. Other Resources of our Apostolate Spiritual Warfare Q&A; Forum This forum offers the public the chance to ask questions about spiritual warfare and get those questions answered by experienced spiritual warriors.
Spiritual Warfare Radio This Internet Radio Show discusses issues of spiritual warfare and answers questions on the subject. Show topics include theology and clinical information about spiritual warfare and deliverance, how to successfully battle spiritual warfare in our own lives, and how to recognize and battle spiritual warfare in our culture (the culture wars). Camelot Spiritual Warfare Library This library contains article and document holdings on the issues of Spiritual Warfare from the Holy Sea, Bishops, the Saints, and priests and laity with expertise on the subject. It is a list of recommended resources. The Library also contains a list of resources not recommended.
Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog The Catalog is a compilation of many specialized prayers that people can pray to help themselves, their families, and friends with issues of spiritual warfare.
Steps to Self-Deliverance This document, along with other documents in the HELP section of the St Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling, provides assistance and guidance to help a person help themselves with spiritual warfare problems. If self-help is not sufficient to find relief from demonic harassments, we then offer Personal Consultation in formal Deliverance Counseling on a first-come=first-serve basis. Personal Consultations are limited in the number we can help each year. Mission Statement The mission of the Legionnaires of St. Michael, as an outreach of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael, is to provide a confraternity of the Faithful who wish glorify our Lord by accepting the call of our Blessed Mother to be Apostles of the Latter Times in order to assist her in her mission to crush the head of Satan. With Legionnaires trained and ready to participate in spiritual warfare, our mission then becomes one of educating the Faithful on issues of spiritual warfare. This is accomplished by assisting the Faithful, according to the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Catholic Church, to recognize the devil's schemes, to avoid his traps, how to resist him effectively, and how to join our Blessed Mother as her Apostles of the Latter Times. Saint Louis de Montfort, one of the saints of the charism of our Confraternity, wrote: Mary will raise up apostles of the latter times to make war against the evil one. . . . But the power of Mary over all the devils will especially shine forth in the latter times, when Satan will lay his snares against her heel: that is to say, her humble slaves and poor children, whom she will raise up to make war against him. They shall be little and poor in the world's esteem, and abased before all like the heel, trodden underfoot and persecuted as the heel is by other members of the body. But in return for this they shall be rich in the grace of God, which Mary shall distribute to them abundantly. They shall be great and exalted before God in sanctity. Superior to all creatures by their lively zeal, and so well sustained with God's assistance that, with the humility of their heel, in union with Mary, they shall crush the head of the devil and cause Jesus Christ to triumph. We are those Apostles of the Latter Times! This Mission is accomplished by assisting the Faithful: become informed and educated about the dangers and realities of the occult and demonic philosophies as a real and present social, mental health, medical, criminal, and spiritual problem of our society; help spiritually mature leaders and workers in their respective apostolates to understand the issues of spiritual warfare; and proclaim the message of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, under obedience to the Pope and Magisterium of His Church, as the only genuine deliverance and healing possible from occultism and the doctrines of demons, and as the only true means for victory in the Spiritual Warfare against Satan. Some Observations about Spiritual Warfareand our Apostolate Observations from Prominent Leaders about Spiritual Warfare The Distinctives that make us unique from other Confraternities & apostolates The Presumptions about Spiritual Warfare We Hold in our Confraternity What would I do as a Legionnaire? Legionnaires participate in our apostolate of spiritual warfare at many levels. Levels of involvement, called Vocational Specialties, range from support personnel (like secretaries and researchers), to Prayer Team members, to Investigators, to Deliverance Counselors. For a description of the various levels of participation possible, see Vocational Specialties possible in the Legionnaires of St. Michael. The Legionnaires Online Community We have an Online Community where the Legionnaires meet, discuss issues, pray for our clients, and fellowship. Most of the Online Community is closed to the public, but there are a couple of forums of general information to which the public can access. If you have questions before making application, you can access a visitors forum in our Online Community. Okay, I am Interested in becoming a Legionnaire.How do I Join? Before applying for membership the following three requirements must be met:
Have a genuine interest (and not a mere curiosity) in spiritual warfare
Believe that God is calling you to be specifically involved in spiritual warfare in some way
Be familiar with the information in these brochures
Other specific requirements for membership are listed on the Application. Application Status in the Church We are a defacto Association of the Christian Faithful established under canon 215 of the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church. Such associations, according to Canon Law, may exist either with or without ecclesiastical recognition. As a defacto association of the Christian faithful, we do not have formal ecclesial recognition at this time and do not have any formal relationship with any diocese — however, such formal recognition is not required or needed for the laity to pursue perfection, holiness, evangelization, and the apostolate. The Church has already given its permission through its various decrees and declarations on the laity. We do operate in full accord with Canon Law as it applies to defacto Associations of the Christian Faithful and are in full obedience to the Pope and Magisterium of the Church. We offer an Oath of Fidelity to the Church. Detailed canonical and theological explanations are found here.
This Confraternity is Protected by...

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