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Meditations from the Hermitage - Service

by Catherine Frakas 18 Dec 2010

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately We Want Christ to Reign November 18th, 2009 Listen Now
We have been given do much from our Lord — the sacraments, the Church, the infallible Word of God, and especially the Holy Spirit. These treasures of grace given to us are for us to love and glorify God by our using these gifts for neighbor and Him. Posted in Citizenship, Missons, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, Sacramental Life, Service | Tags: | No Comments
Afterwards You Will Understand October 28th, 2009 Listen Now
We are in the hands of God. That means that everything God does for us, and everything He allows to happen to us is ordered for our eternal happiness. We may not understand this now while in the midst of tribulations, but in the end God will reveal all to us the reasons for it all. Posted in Abandonment, Faith, Ordinary Time, Service, Will of God | Tags: | No Comments
The Harvest is Plentiful October 1st, 2009 Listen Now
There is an urgent need for new apostles to re-evangelize the world. As Jesus said, The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. How have we responded to the Lord’s call for laborers? Posted in Missons, Ordinary Time, Service, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments
St. Michael the Archangel September 29th, 2009 Listen Now
The Archangel St. Michael is the protector of the Church and helps us fight the devil. The devil said to God, I will not serve. Thus, he was kicked out of heaven. The devil’s goal is to rob God’s children of the grace given to them. We need to avoid sin, resist the devil, and say to God, Jesus, I have no other ambition than to serve you. Posted in Humility, Obedience, Ordinary Time, Service, Spiritual Warfare | Tags: | No Comments
Without Waiting for a Reward November 2nd, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus said if we love those who love us, what credit is that to us? Even sinners do that. Christian charity transcends human charity. As Christians we need to give of ourselves, help the poor and the infirmed, and do all sorts of good works without any expectation or want of any favors in return. Christians give for the love of God and expect nothing in return. Posted in Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, Service, Stewardship | Tags: Acts of Mercy | No Comments
Generosity and Spirit of Service December 21st, 2009 Listen Now
Mary shows us the virtue of generosity and a spirit of service. She was always thinking of others. We, too, need to follow Our Lady to give of ourselves in the service of others. Posted in Advent, Service | Tags: | No Comments
To Serve October 18th, 2009 Listen Now
Christian life consists in imitating Christ. In every thing we do and say we should ask ourselves what Jesus would do or say in the given situation. We are to follow His footsteps and put on the new man that is in concert with the mind of Christ. Posted in Ordinary Time, Service, Spiritual Life | Tags: | No Comments St. Michael Time
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