Meditations from the Hermitage - Our Neighbor

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately We Want Christ to Reign November 18th, 2009 Listen Now
We have been given do much from our Lord — the sacraments, the Church, the infallible Word of God, and especially the Holy Spirit. These treasures of grace given to us are for us to love and glorify God by our using these gifts for neighbor and Him. Posted in Citizenship, Missons, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, Sacramental Life, Service | Tags: | No Comments
Speaking Well of Others September 16th, 2009 Listen Now God has given us the gift of speech, but like all other gifts we have a duty to be steward of the gift. We need to be careful how we speak of others. St. Ignatius tells us to always presume good in another’s speech or actions unless there is evidence to the contrary. When we are defamed ourselves we have a duty to defend the truth, but to do so quietly and charitably. Posted in Humility, Mortification, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: | No Comments
Getting on with All the People Around Us January 16th, 2010 Listen Now
Saturday of the First Week of Ordinary Time A Christian cannot be closed in on himself, without any concern for what is happening around him. Jesus shows us how to relate to all sorts of people. Posted in Family, Forgiveness, Humility, Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: | No Comments
Prayer and Apostolate January 13th, 2010 Listen Now
Wednesday of the First Week of Ordinary Time A man’s heart is made to love God. God wants and searches for a personal encounter with each one of us. Christ calls each of us to a Christian life and to eternal life. Let us pray for our families, friends, co-workers, and all strangers that they will respond to God’s call. Posted in Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments
The Merit of Good Works September 10th, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus tells us that even the smallest deeds that we do for him will receive merit in heaven. When God saves us through his grace He expects to live out our Christian lives in works of love. Those works are not just any acts of love, but must be superior than the acts of love by an unbeliever. Posted in Blessings, Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments
The Obligations of Justice August 25th, 2009 Listen Now
Justice and the dignity of the human person are intertwined. Jesus had little patience for hypocrites who religiously perform outward duties, but avoid the duty to one’s neighbor. Justice demands that we treat each other with dignity and thus we must avoid rash judgment, calumny, and detraction and the gossip that goes with it. How can we please God if we do not act justly and respect the dignity of our neighbors? Posted in Citizenship, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: | No Comments
The Light Upon the Lampstand September 21st, 2009 Listen Now
Christ has made us the Light of the World. A lamp hidden under a basket is not helpful. We must let our light shine by placing the lamp on a tall lampstand of Christ that is within us for all to see. In this way we may grow spiritually ourselves, and bring the light of Christ to others. Posted in Faith, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments
Christian Solidarity November 3rd, 2009 Listen Now
We cannot say we do not need Church, that Jesus and me is enough. Jesus calls us into fellowship as a family. He says that we are part of each other and desires us to be in union not only with Him but with each other. We need to be together to enrich each other with the Spirit of Christ. Posted in Family, Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, Unity | Tags: | No Comments
Looking Up to Heaven October 26th, 2009 Listen Now
The leaders of the synagogue criticized Jesus for healing a woman on the Sabbath. Jesus, however, placed the Sabbath in its proper perspective and called the leaders hypocrites for working with animals on the Sabbath. Jesus considered a human being more important. We, too, need to keep our lives in perspective and lift up our hearts to our Lord. We also need to always be compassionate and never pass by pain or misery. Posted in Healing, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: Acts of Mercy | No Comments
He Imposed His Hands on Them September 2nd, 2009 Listen Now
Helping and caring for people as Christ himself would do is part of our Christian duty. We need to help those who need it, treating them with the dignity and respect they are due as human persons and children of God. Christ tireless healed many sick. It laid hands on people at all times and all places. Let us see now in His presence of we treat our brethren with the same attention as He did. Posted in Healing, Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: | No Comments St. Michael Time
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