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Meditations from the Hermitage - Faith

by Catherine Frakas 07 Jan 2010

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately The Lord Never Withholds His Grace November 16th, 2009 Listen Now
It is in times of obscurity and trail that we need to pray more earnestly. We need to ask with boldness like the blind beggar, Lord that I may see , and our Lord will open your eyes to enjoy the brightness He grants you. Posted in Faith, Love, Ordinary Time, Perseverence, Prayer | Tags: | No Comments
The Fidelity of Eleazar November 17th, 2009 Listen Now
Tuesday of the Thirty-Third Week of Ordinary Time: In the face of persecution, trials, tribulations, even unbloody or bloody martyrdom we must maintain our faith. We must suffer all for Christ and never waver. Eleazar refused to give in even in the face of torture. We must do the same, especially in our current times when persecution of Christians is on the rise. Posted in Current Events, Faith, Martyrdom, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
Our Lady’s Faith September 5th, 2009 Listen Now
Saturday is traditionally dedicated to honoring our Lady. This is an opportunity to meditate on her virtues. This tradition goes back to the ancient Church. As St. Escriva says, Anyone who doesn’t some of them [Marian devotions], who doesn’t express his love for Mary in some way, does not possess the fullness of the faith. Posted in Devotion, Faith, Mary, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
‘Who’ Jesus Is December 15th, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus is the Only-Begotten Son of the Father. We need to remember that the baby born in Bethlehem is both divine and human. During this Advent Season each day we should make a deep and grateful act of faith. Posted in Advent, Faith | Tags: | No Comments
Our Feet of Clay November 24th, 2009 Listen Now
We all have feet of clay. One thing that is always before us is our sinfulness and weakness. But, God promises that no temptation will overcome us that we cannot handle and that He does not provide a way of escape. Trust and lean upon Jesus and through His sufficiency we can live the victorious Christ life. Posted in Abandonment, Faith, Humility, Ordinary Time, Spiritual Life, Virtue | Tags: | No Comments
The Poor Widow November 23rd, 2009 Listen Now
We should never be afraid to be generous or embarrassed if our gift cannot be as big as our neighbor’s. The poor widow could only give a penny. It was all she had. Jesus considered her gift to be greater than all the others. We need to give sacrificially for the love of God and our neighbor. Posted in Faith, Humility, Ordinary Time, Poverty, Stewardship | Tags: | No Comments
Afterwards You Will Understand October 28th, 2009 Listen Now
We are in the hands of God. That means that everything God does for us, and everything He allows to happen to us is ordered for our eternal happiness. We may not understand this now while in the midst of tribulations, but in the end God will reveal all to us the reasons for it all. Posted in Abandonment, Faith, Ordinary Time, Service, Will of God | Tags: | No Comments
The Leaven of the Pharisees October 16th, 2009 Listen Now
Christ wants us to be the leaven of the world, the salt of the world, but he warns us against the leaven of the Pharisees which was to give too much importance to the opinions of men. They were like actors with a mask playing a part. This image is the origin of the word hypocrite. Our leaven, that is our primary influential characteristic is not to be hypocrisy, but a coherent and sincere life of faith. Posted in Faith, Humility, Integrity, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
The Light Upon the Lampstand September 21st, 2009 Listen Now
Christ has made us the Light of the World. A lamp hidden under a basket is not helpful. We must let our light shine by placing the lamp on a tall lampstand of Christ that is within us for all to see. In this way we may grow spiritually ourselves, and bring the light of Christ to others. Posted in Faith, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments
Serving Jesus September 18th, 2009 Listen Now
I confess that I have been a failure most of my life. I must mortify the pride of wanting more. I only pray that my life was lived for others and for Christ. That is what we learn in today’s Gospel about the holy woman who loved and were there for Jesus at this death and at his Resurrection. They served our Lord without expectation of anything. How many opportunities do we have each day to serve our Lord? Posted in Faith, Humility, Love, Ordinary Time, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments St. Michael Time
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