Modernism The Deposit of Faith and the PriesthoodMsgr. Eugene Kevanediscusses the Deposit of Faith & Morals and traces the roots of the heresy of Modernism back to Descartes, Kant & Hegel. According to Father, Modernism, also known as Relativism, makes the truths of the Deposit of Faith and Morals relative to history and its cultural changes. Father provides a litmus test for orthodoxy. This article is taken from Homiletic & Pastoral Review, May 1991. Lamentabili SaneSyllabus of Pope St. Pius XCondemning the Errors of the ModernistsJuly 3, 1907 ModernismJames Akin. Taken from the November 1994 issue of This Rock. This article explains the heresy of modernism. ModernismCatholic Encyclopedia. Origin of the Word, Theory of Theological Modernism, The essential error of Modernism, Catholic and Modernist Notions of Dogma Compared, Various Degrees of Modernism and its Criterion, Proofs of the Foregoing Views, Modernist Aims Explained by its Essential Error, Modernist Propositions Explained by its Essential Error, The Modernist Movement, The Philosophical Origin and Consequences of Modernism, The Origin, The Consequences, The Psychological Causes of Mode The Modernist PersonaBy Jack Taylor. A helpful survey of Modernism, its impact on the Faith and the Church, and its slow, reluctant decline today. This article was taken from the November 1996 issue of This Rock. The Oath Against ModernismSt. Pius XTaken from the Motu Proprio, Sacrorum Antistitum. All clergy, pastors, confessors, preachers, religious superiors, and professors in philosophical-theological seminaries were to take this oathSeptember 1, 1910 Pascendi Dominici GregisBy Pope Pius X On the Doctrine of the ModernistsPius X brings Modernist teachings together into one group, points out the connection between them, examines the sources of the errors, and prescribes remedies for averting the evil.September 8, 1907 Ubi Arcano Dei ConsilioPope Pius XIOn the Peace of Christ in His KingdomDecember 23, 1922. Modernism: then and nowJohn YoungIt belongs to the essence of modernism to take Christian doctrines symbolically instead of literallyDecember 1998 The Challenge of SecularismFather Gerard Beigel, S.T.D.What is secularism? And why is it a threat to the very stability of modern civilization?1999

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